A new RPG video game will be powered exclusively by the Kin cryptocurrency

A new RPG video game will be powered exclusively by the Kin cryptocurrency

GodSlayer attempts to give cryptocurrency a new reason to succeed

KIN is the token of Kin, a blockchain project based on Ethereum, whose mission is to serve as a currency of exchange and reward in the day-to-day services available on this platform, such as chat, social networks, or payments. The Kin cryptocurrency is specifically designed to bring people together in a new sharing economy and will serve as the basis for a decentralized ecosystem of digital services. In fact, it has now been announced that a new RPG called GodSlayer will run exclusively on this digital asset.

The game’s developer, Kool Games, appears to be confident in what the Kin ecosystem has to offer, with a focus on increasing revenue and participation. Many may know Kool Games for having been the mobile game studio that has formed partnerships with high-powered clients such as Voodoo and Green Panda Games. Now that its new RPG, GodSlayer, is ready for release, the company made it clear that players will be able to earn, buy and spend Kin to power their gaming experience.

The RPG promises to be action-packed, and in it, players will be able to fight their way through enemy-filled dungeons in their quest to slay the tyrannical Zeus. Throughout the game, gamers on Americas Cardroom will collect different upgrades and weapons to augment and customize their character’s strength, resulting in countless potential gameplay experiences. Kin will become GodSlayer’s exclusive token thanks to the user-centric Kin Rewards Engine.

Having formed this partnership, the company behind the game will be able to earn its own Kin tokens based on how much players use them in the game. This can then be used to further reward users and fund development.

“Kin is flipping the traditional monetization model on its head such that users are rewarded for their engagement, and share in the success of the platform,” said Kevin Ricoy, Head of Growth for the Kin Foundation, “This allows developers to focus on creating great experiences and rewarding users, rather than engaging in deceptive practices to extract value.”



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